Phantom 1L


Phantom insecticide is an incredibly effective product, especially for treating the notoriously hard-to-beat Bed Bugs.

It's safe for use in the home, meaning you can use it where it's needed to control pests.

Pest controllers can use it in restaraunts as it's labelled safe for use in food-handling areas as well. It's the only liquid insecticide to gain HACCP approval.

Phantom Fast Facts

  • Undetectable, non-repellent technology
  • First Insecticide in Australia to gain HACCP Endorsement
  • Virtually-odourless, low visibility residue formulation
  • Low human hazard
  • Long residual
  • Targeted application
  • Works with existing pest control programs including baits such as Goliath® Cockroach Gel and Amdro® Cockroach Gel.
  • Different mode of action: effective on Pyrethroid resistant insects

Active ingredient: 240 g/L CHLORFENAPYR

Product MSDS

Product Label

Phantom is a reliable, effective and undetectable, non-repellent insecticide to be used against cockroaches, ants and bed bugs inside the home.