Cislin Ultra 420g


Deltamethrin provides kill and residual efficacy and s-bioallethrin is a fast knockdown agent which stops pests in their tracks - fast.

Being water-based, it has low-odour and can be applied in more sensitive areas then other products with strong solvent-based odours.

  • Fast acting
  • Good residual activity
  • Ready-to-use
  • Water based (low odour)
  • High level of safety in use
  • Ideal for application to cracks and crevices
  • Same reliability as Cislin Residual Insecticide

Active ingredient: 1.5g/L S-Bioallethrin, 0.2g/L Deltamethrin

Product MSDS

Product Label

Cislin Ultra is a water-based surface spray aerosol containing the synthetic pyrethroids deltamethrin and s-bioallethrin.