Tempo 1L


A broad spectrum residual insecticide, with a very high level of safety, for use against a wide range of public health and nuisance pests in domestic and commercial situations as well as for the control of insect pests in turf, ornamentals and native plants. Target pests include: bedbugs, cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, silverfish, Stored product pests, crickets, Paralysis ticks, grasshoppers, millipedes, carpet beetle, clothes moths, army worm, cutworm, webworm, billbug, Argentine stem weevil, Scarab beetles, Sawfly larvae, aphids, thrips, mealy bug, lace bug, caterprillars, garden weevil, whiteflies.

  1. Patented formulation technology, which reduces the irritation which can be experienced with standard betacyfluthrin formulations. Patented formulation technology also improves the residual activity per unit of active ingredient applied (compared to standard suspension concentrate formulations) Broadest label claims in the pest control industry: labelled for a broad range of situations and pests including general insect control around buildings, pests of turf and ornamentals and niche pests like millipedes, grasshoppers and paralysis ticks

    Very high level of safety during use (minimal personal protective equipment required during handling and use)

    Low odour and non-staining formulation

Pack Size(s)

2.5 L

1 L

200 mL

500 mL

Active Ingredient(s): beta-cyfluthrin 25 g/L

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Tempo Residual Insecticide - A proven, safe, broad spectrum general insecticide for use in a variety of situations.